Four Season Availibility 

Four season availability creates an opportunity to slow down and connect with nature

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Lazy Beaver Cottage located in a private, quiet forest setting with easy water access

About our cottage

Quaint cottage situated in the heart of Northumberland County with water access to Crowe River, nearby hiking and cycling trails make this the perfect place for anyone seeking a relaxing yet exciting vacation. Large patio and cozy interior provide a great space to get together and enjoy time with friends and family.

Outdoor and Recreation Activities:

Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge – 15 min
Ontario’s most scenic suspension bridge

Trans Canada Trail – 14 min

Ferris Provincial Park – 18 min

Healey Falls – 6 min

Seymour Conservation Area – 17 min


Pick from more than 20 hiking trails. Immerse yourself in sky-high forests – or test out the soothing rhythm of a journey through gently rolling hills.

…and much more hiking and biking as well as ATV and snowmobiles trails.

Eat & Drink

Butter Tart Trail

Four locations on the Kawarthas Northumberland Butter Tart Trail are located in Trent Hills. We recommend you pre-order tarts before arriving to avoid disappointment.

The Bakery Warkworth has won several awards for their rustic butter tart with a little hint of citrus. They’ve nailed the perfect combination for those that like it just a little bit runny.

Grandma’s recipe scores high marks at Bridgewater Café, ooey gooey sweetness paired with a butter crust that melts in your mouth.

Of course, Canada’s Sweetest Bakery, Dooher’s is on the Trail with their time-honoured recipe created by Grandpa Dooher. Ideal for those that like a little firmness to their butter tart.

Enjoy a lovely butter tart dessert at Antonia’s Bistro and Café. The maple flavor shines through in their tart, making it a perfect ending to your meal.

A self-guided driving tour to tempt your taste buds featuring food and drink that is locally produced, locally grown or uniquely Trent

Church-Key Brewing – 4 min

Celtic Brews – 12 min

Empire Cheese Co-op – 16 min

World’s Finest Chocolate – 13 min

Campbellford Farmers’ Market – 13 min

Healey Falls Bison Farm – 8 min

Curle’s Maple Products – 16 min
Maple Syrup, Maple Butter, Maple Sugars

Sometimes you need some rest, with our cottage it is possible!

Take some time to visit our cottage located right beside amazing Crowe River

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